Preview Our 2018 Seasons of Nauvoo Calendar Images

historic nauvoo lds art browning gunshopThis is our 5th year to narrow down images from 1000’s to a mere 13. It takes bartering, bargaining, and negotiating with a bit of compromise to hit the final selections…..but they are chosen!

A HUGE thank you to those who have already ordered calendars sight-unseen. We truly appreciate your confidence and trust!

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Here are the finals for our 2018 Seasons of Nauvoo Calendar…..

historic nauvoo lds art joseph smith homestead historic nauvoo photographer exodus reenactment historic nauvoo lds art wilford woodruff home
historic nauvoo lds temple art trail of hope historic nauvoo photographer sarah granger kimball home historic nauvoo lds art joseph smith gravesite
historic nauvoo lds art scovil bakery historic nauvoo lds temple art browning gunshop historic nauvoo lds art heber c kimball home
historic nauvoo photography lds temple art historic nauvoo photographer fall mississippi river scene historic nauvoo photographer lds temple art

Spooky, Silly Scarecrows Set Nauvoo Fall Scene

Almost everyone we talked to said the same thing – summer went by SO FAST! Days are cooling, leaves are falling, and harvest is in full swing…..all telltale signs of fall’s arrival. But, there’s more!

Take a quick walk down Mulholland Street in the Nauvoo business district and you get the feeling summer is long gone. The 1st Annual Scarecrow Festival launched giving downtown guests a real taste of Nauvoo fall. There are 25 scarecrows (and a few Minions!) perched, propped, and positioned to catch your eye and elicit a smile….and even laughter when you catch their names.

If you’re not here in Nauvoo, here’s what you are missing. Can you guess where these are located?

nauvoo fall minions tom simpson photography

nauvoo state bank loan arranger scarecrow tom simpson photography

The Loan-Arranger


persica the owl scarecrow tom simpson photography

Persica the Owl


scaredy crow tom simpson photography

Scaredy Crow


bacxter c fields scarecrow tom simpson photography

Baxter’s C-Fields


doctor heartwell scarecrow tom simpson photography

Doctor Heartwell


fudge fella scarecrow tom simpson photography

Fudge Fella


outlaw tees black bandit scarecrow

Black Bandit


hotel nauvoo dangerous dan scarecrow

Dangerous Dan


country cottage antiques scarecrow tom simpson photography

souvie sew sew scarecrow tom simpson photography

Souvie Sew-Sew

Many more to see in Nauvoo…..and they will be here all of October. Come see us…..unless you’re scared!


Our 5th Annual Seasons of Nauvoo Calendar on Pre-Order Sale

tom simpson photography historic nauvoo art lds temple artDuring the year as Tom creates a new piece of artwork, there is always one we both look at and say, “This one is definitely going in the calendar!”

This image of Sarah Granger Kimball’s home in Historic Nauvoo was taken during spring when her garden full of peonies was bursting with blossoms.

The 2018 Seasons of Nauvoo Calendar is our 5th annual production (yep, we have lived here 5 full years now!) and the pre-order sale begins today. For the next 30 days, you can order at the reduced price….and, shipping is free (USA only).

So what do you get and how do you order? Read on…..

historic nauvoo lds artwork sarah granger kimball home

3 Ways to Order –

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  • Mail check to: Tom Simpson Photography, PO Box 123, Nauvoo, IL 62354

All 13 images will be posted for preview in a few weeks so keep a close watch to find out which images make the cut. For those who place an order without seeing the images first, a huge THANK YOU!!

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Amazing Dance Moves, Unstoppable Energy

Digging into the archives and backtracking a few years to uncover more treasured photos. This time? The 2015 YPM’s with unstoppable energy showing off amazing dance moves with flips, handstands, and lifts…..and all with their never-ending smiles. They make it look easy. They make it look fun. They make it entertaining and uplifting.

See how high they flip, fly, and float!

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography

nauvoo young performing missionaries tom simpson photography



Year After Year…..Our YPM’s are Awesome!

2016 young performing missionaries nauvoo

Just a few days before the 2016 Young Performing Missionaries finished their summer shows, they stopped by the Willard Richards Inn where we were finishing our time as Innkeepers. These special “kid missionaries” had endeared themselves to us in years past….and the 2016 group had landed a spot in our hearts as well.

The 2015 YPM’s had dropped by the Inn a year before, singing in the cellar as well (see that HERE) and this group kept the tradition alive. Here is one of several videos we captured that special day. (Watch for more on our YouTube Channel)


Simply Beautiful Nauvoo Spring

historic nauvoo in may

We were down in the flats taking spring shots of flowers at Sarah Granger Kimball’s home and turned to leave…..and saw this amazing sight. The sun was sparkling off the silver dome atop the temple and all was green as far as the eye could see.

The last of the trees had blossomed out and fully opened their leaves. No more bare branches of winter…..all was new and beautiful again.

This is Nauvoo in mid-May.

Simply. Beautiful.



Our 2017 Seasons of Nauvoo Calendar Preview

joseph smith mansion house nauvoo fall calendarIt has become an annual event and 2017 marks the Seasons of Nauvoo Calendar’s 4th year. We have enjoyed searching through thousands of beautiful Nauvoo images to find this year’s selections.

Search is over and we have the top 13 selected!! Thank you, thank you to our friends who have already ordered without seeing the images first. You are gems. For those who waited to see the selections before ordering, see below…..and let us know what you think.

Get the best deal by ordering during the pre-order sale by clicking the “Buy Now” button to the right. You can also order through our online store by clicking the “Store” link above and going to the Calendar link.

(UPDATE: Click HERE for 2017 Calendar at clearance price. Limited Quantity)

nauvoo temple winter jonathan browning child grave historic nauvoo wagon ride cabin in winter nauvoo house winter historic nauvoo
nauvoo temple arches spring tulips historic nauvoo young performing missionaries wagon historic carthage jail joseph smith martyrdom
mississippi river summer flowers lily pads historic nauvoo bidamon stalbe josephsmith homestead historic nauvoo summer nauvoo temple moonstones summer flowers
historic nauvoo henry thomas house 1840s life nauvoo temple fall across the mississippi river montrose lucy mack smith home historic nauvoo 1840's site

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